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How to Safely Jack Up Your Vehicle

Having to change a flat tire can be inconvenient at the best of times. If you drive a car on a regular basis, it is bound to happen to you at some point. Knowing how to safely jack up your vehicle, will ensure you are back on the road quickly, and safely.

So Read on and find out how you can safely jack up your vehicle

1. Ensure your car is on a hard, level surface. This is important to avoid accidents. The last thing you want is the car slipping or shifting while you work. Place chocks or wedges on the wheels on the opposite side you want to lift. This adds extra security to ensure the car does not move. Put your handbrake up, and your car’s transmission is in “P” or first gear if it has a manual transmission.

If you have to work next to a busy road, take extra precautions by turning your front wheels into the curb. Place a hazard sign behind the vehicle to inform incoming traffic of the potential hazard.

When you jack up a car on an uneven or sandy surface, optimize the stability of your jack by placing a large square of wood under the jack. This increases the surface area and stability to prevent the jack from slipping.

2. Place the floor jack in the correct position. Most cars have four jack points. These jack points are designed as lifting points. Using the jack in the wrong location can cause damage to the frame.

Position your floor jack directly under the jack point with the right side facing up. Most best floor jacks have a wide flat base and a smaller upper arm to support the vehicles’ body.

3. Raising the jack slowly. Before you start raising the jack, loosen the nuts on the tire that you need to change. Make some last minute adjustments and make sure your jack is lined up correctly with the jack points. Once you are satisfied, start raising the car. Once your jack makes contact with the ground and the underside of the car it will take more effort to start lifting.

Pay attention to any movement or sound and ensure that your jack has not slipped from its position once you start lifting. Make sure no body parts are in harm’s way while you lift as it can result in serious injury.

Raise your vehicle just high enough to be able to do the required work. If you need to work underneath the body of the vehicle for any reason, it is best to insert jack stands as soon as the car is raised high enough.

After completing the required work, do a check again and make sure any loose items are picked up. You don’t want to go looking for your spanner once the car is back on the ground.

Lower the vehicle slowly, and you are ready to get back on the road!

Voila! Now you know how to safely jack up your vehicle. Happy Driving.

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