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How to Get Started Building Furniture

If you are into woodworking, chances are at some point that you will decide that you want to build furniture. And why wouldn’t you? This way, you can save a fortune while also building custom made furniture however you choose. Before you get started building furniture, keep your expectations realistic. If you’ve never built furniture before, you may want to start out with something simple, such as a bookcase, instead of going for something extremely complicated. Don’t worry, once you master your first project, it won’t be long before you can maneuver into the more complicated projects. Having some sort of how-to guide may also come in handy, so that you know before you get started exactly what type of tools you will need; along with what measurements to cut using your miter saw.

Every furniture building project you work on will require different tools, but regardless of the project you can count on having to have wood, a miter saw, a hammer, screws, wood glue, WD-40, and a workmate (this one is not absolutely necessary, but trust me, you’ll thank me later if you have one). A workmate multi tasks as a big vise, a clamping surface, a work table, and a stepstool. It is also portable, so if you have one you can work from anywhere.

After you decide which type of wood you want to use to build your furniture, remember that most wood is somewhat damp when you first purchase it. The best thing to do after you get the wood home is to use your miter saw to crosscut it. Make sure you use the miter saw to crosscut it longer than the actual length you need, so that you have room left for error. After you have crosscut the wood with your miter saw, let it dry out for a few weeks before you start your furniture building project. Trust me: You’ll thank me when your new furniture doesn’t collapse a few days after it is built because it was damp.

You may wonder why I mentioned that you will need WD-40. I mentioned that you will need WD-40 because WD-40 is your new best friend while building any type of furniture. Make sure to use it on every single tool every single time that you finish using it. Using it often will save your tools from rusting. And as every woodworker knows, rust is your worst enemy. It can erode steel and iron, and also make your measuring and cutting tools difficult to use. Constant use of WDo-40 will remove dust from your tools. Dust typically carries salt, and salt attracts water. The combination of salt and water will lead to rust, and start breaking down your iron and steel tools.

Before starting your furniture building project, remember that cheapest isn’t always best. Make sure to purchase trusted name brand products before getting started. It will cost you more up front, but your new furniture will thank you for it when it is still around many years from now.

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