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Kitchen Design: Rustic Brings in the Outdoors

A wise, old man once said “the kitchen is the heart of the home” and for many families, this old sentiment rings very true. The kitchen, a place meant for cooking and food preparations, is also the place where family gathers for laughs, long talks, life lessons and even the occasional argument. The kitchen is where a house becomes a home and where friends become family and that is why choosing the right kitchen design is so important.

For most new homeowners, a kitchen renovation is at the top of every must-do list. But choosing the right kitchen design scheme can feel like a huge commitment, causing even the most seasoned homeowner to become frustrated, flabbergasted and fatigued.

This years’ kitchen trend

One of the most popular kitchen trends this season is centered on the outdoors, nature and the rustic charm of cottage and country life. Gone are the days of hard tile floors, ultra-modern backsplashes, black appliances and glass cook tops. Now, people are choosing a warmer style filled with natural materials, unfinished woods, iron accents and even pebbled countertops.

Most home décor shops have targeted this new trend and have expanded their merchandise to include such rustic accents as twig shaped cupboard pulls, flour sack tea towels and table linens depicting woodland flora and fauna.

Bringing in the outdoors

Bringing the outdoors in through rustic kitchen design is not only trendy and popular but also economical. Modern and minimal kitchen design will often give the impression of being less expensive due to the lack of detail and finishing touches. However, the truth is the clean lines and crisp appearance of modern kitchen design come with a heavy price tag.

Rustic kitchen design on the other hand allows for a homeowner to splurge and purge wherever they feel fit. For example, a modern kitchen will need built in storage for small appliances and countertop clutter to fulfill its spotless appeal. Rustic kitchen design however can allow for the owner to repurpose old materials such as baskets, tins, tubs, colored glass bottles and even flower pots to house everyday kitchen essentials, with each item adding charm, character and a casual vibe.

Though rustic kitchen design may not appeal to everyone, it is sure to be a lasting trend. With more and more consumers shopping on a budget and enjoying the environmental benefits of natural building supplies, rustic kitchen design is sure to become even more popular as time passes.

VanceKitchen Design: Rustic Brings in the Outdoors
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